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calling alllllll hockey blogs


IM ON A MISSION, and a part of that mission involves following most/all hockey fans. yes, i have done this before (you can view that post here) but im convinced there are wayyyyyyyy more than 400 hockey blogs on here. SOOO, this time, im asking that if you are a hockey blog and/or a hockey fan (meaning you enjoy hockey but your blog isnt hockey themed), then can you please reblog and like this and i will follow you! each an every single one of you! 

Dear Diary,


Yesterday i met my absolute favorite band in the world. At the meet and greet, i told them about just how much they mean to me and how i sold all my video games to afford the vip ticket to be able to be in their presence. I told them about how their music is my favorite thing in the world and that it has helped me get through many hard times. Before I knew it, the lead singer, Chris Daughtry, was inviting me on stage to close the show and sing Long Live Rock & Roll with them. 

I immediately called home following the meet and greet and told my mom. She was like: “nah, they probably just said that to be nice… could that even happen?” Soon i began to question it myself and started to feel bummed. Eventually the show began and i forgot all about what chris said and just jammed out with the band singing every song. All of a sudden, a security guard came for me and took me up to the stage. Chris told everyone at the concert that they wanted to invite a super fan on stage and that i had sold all my video games to be there with them. I hugged the gentlemen and was directed to a mic. I stared at the HUGE crowd and remember thinking holy shit holy shit. When the music began though i forgot all about my nerves and started jamming out. It was literally the best moment of my entire life.

After the performance, the Goo Goo Dolls were supposed to go on and there was an intermission. I went to go grab a water and some M&M’s and multiple people kept stopping me and saying: “hey, you’re the super fan!” or “i can’t believe you sold all your games bro” or “dude, you totally rocked it”. It was unbelievable. Some people even asked to take a picture with me!!!!!!

I got a goodie bag with collectible items and sooooo many amazing memories. Truly a night i’ll never forget <333

tasecade asked:

Call me crazy but for some odd reason I find it so attractive how Ryan is playing the tambourine on the video Love Run Out! I mean that song and video has to be one of my favorite ones but OMG and the way he is moving like Ryan pleaseee.


HAHA trust me! Everyone loves Ryan’s dancing moves. They’re so freakin awesome and I’m pretty sure no one else can move like he does lol I mean like BAM!! Look at him, he’s got all the right moves ;)



Any more Ryan dancing gifs?

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